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Singer Information Links

Singer 221 Motor 110 voltSinger motor for 221 featherweight . Singer Featherweight repair parts and attachments for the 221 sewing machine
SINGER 221 SALESSinger featherweight 221 and 222 sewing machines are for the collector, doll clothes maker, quilter and the collector of the Singer Featherweight who love the Singer. They are very strong and well made sewing machines for the novice and the professional, complete with a full set of attachments that can make a seamstress life a whole lot easier. The perfect sewing machine for the quilter and the collector. The Singer Featherweight 221 and 222 are the most widely collected singer sewing machine.
Singer 301 & 301ASinger 301 sewing machines are fast and reliable Singer machine that Quilter, Crafters,and Sewing Clubs love. The Singer 301 is only 12 heaver than a Singer 221 and has a more powerful motor.
SINGER 221 DATESSinger Featherweight Dates are made for different models since the mid 1800 hundreds and Singer is a very popular company with sewing machine users. The quilting community use Singer Featherweight sewing machines, sewing teachers use singer machines, sewing machine collectors buy Singer Featherweight machines of different types and craft makers use singer sewing machines. The Singer featherweight is the most popular singer sewing machine.
FEATHERWEIGHT SCALESinger Featheweight sewng machine condition is important for the value to collectors. Featherweight sewing machines grow in value if well taken care of.
SINGER 221 COLLECTORSinger fertherweights Collectors find and collect toy sewing machines. They are very collectable today and the people that collect them have only started in the past few years. The toy or child's sewing machine as sometimes called dates back to the days of the mid 1800's. This new featherweight collecting idea has gained fire since the early 1980's and there are huge dollars being spent on toy and featherweight sewing machines collections today.
SINGER 221 REPAIRMANSinger Featherweight repair is done and shipped backed in just a few days. This page shows how people strip down the featherweight and sell off the parts. I show the bare stripped down head and tell what parts is needed to put a stripped singer featherweight back together again. I am a singer featherweight repairman and I fix or repair the singer featherweight.
SINGER 221 ATTACHMENTSAttachments for the Singer Featherweight will make sewing easier and gives the collector other things to collect for the wonderful little featherweight machine. There are Rufflers, Bias tape binders, himmers, button hole makers, zig zaggers, blind himmers and other attachments that are getting hard to find for the little Singer Featherweight.
SINGER 221 ACCESSORIESSinger Featherweight sewing machines use accessories to make special seams. The accessories are numberered and can be confirmed by that number. The accessories for the Singer Featherweight 221 and 222 sewing machine last. Accessories are very important for making special seams on the Singer Featherweight.
Singer Featherweight 221 Look-alikeThis is a Singer look-alike for the featherweight 221 and it is made in China. It looks almost like the singer 221 but the differences are the motor mount , the light, the bobbin and bobbin case and the shafts in the little mini Classic.
History of Singer Corp.The history of the Singer sewing machine corp.

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