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Singer 301 & 301A Machines


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This week on ebay we are selling a Singer a 201-2 machine. There are not many like this around anymore. It is in good shape along with a carring case that is solid. It has attachments and you will just love it if you are a quilter or sew heavy material this machine is for you. We also have a beautiful 301  in nice condition. To see all these sell this month 4-2008 you can click on the ebay link above where it says "VIEW ALL XXX  ITEMS ON EBAY"

Singer Featherweight 221 or 222 sewing machines are for home use, sewing classes and quilting with your friends and that makes buying a Singer featherweight one of the best decision a seamstres can make. We buy singer feathewweights for a fair price if you are interested in selling your machine contact us at my email .

My website is a website for Singer Featherweights Selling and buying. You will find parts, accessories, attachments and sewing products here as well. We are seeing a renewed interest in sewing as the price of clothing continues to climbs. Buy one of our Singer  featherweight sewing machines and get started making your clothing. Make yourself a one of a kind outfit.

We take  Singer featherweight 221 and 222 sewing machines on consignment for sale on this site. We buy featherweights at a fair price if you are interested in selling. This is also the place to get a Singer Featherweight fix or repair. I am a Singer featherweight repairman as you will discover by looking through the rest of my website.

Explore this site and find the date the little Singer featherweight you own, came into this world. If you want to purchase a great featherweight for your collection or your child, just look at our Singer Featherweight Sales Page.  We are here to help long time collectors and beginners sell or buy a Singer featherweight sewing machine. We have some wonderful Singer Featherweights for collectors, quilters, craft makers, sewing teachers and home use. 

 If you are looking to sell a Singer Featherweight antique or vintage contact us at this site via our email at the bottom of this page. We have featured Singer featherweights selling this week on Ebay and our Singer Featherweight Page lists featherweights for sale. Go to our Singer Featherweight Sale Page located at your left to see what is current. You can find us listed on eBay since 2003 as  " flyinbob35"

We invite others with similar interests to join us or submit their information about Singer Featherweights and extra things for the novice. We have great resources of information to draw from and a wonderful number of people wanting to sell and buy Singer Featherweights. We never have enough information to use so if you want to email us with some interesting information on Singer Featherweights we will thank you in advance.


 We also deal in high quality toy sewing machines as well so if you have old toy or childs sewing machnies, send us an email and we will try to get back to you quickly.

Here on this site you can find out more about your Singer featherweights, dolls and toy sewing machines. Singer featherweight 221 and 222 sewing machine are very popular with interest from quilting clubs.  Others like, sewing clubs,collectors and doll clothes makers are interested in the singer featherweights. That is why the little Singer featherweight has gained popularity for the last 74 years. The value of one of this sewing machine is one of the only machines that has ever gained value in large numbers.

 We also have an artical on breast cancer about "The Little Pink Singer Featherweight" and Sheryl Lynn. It is a project about the research and finding a cure for breast cancer. Take a look at the Sheryl Lynn page.

We want to  help you find something for your collection of fine singer featherweights and antique toy machines. Be sure to visit our blogsite as we have new articals there about new tricks for the singer featherweight and on other topics. This site helps thousands of people who are searching for Singer featherweight sewing machines find what they want. We help people searching for dolls, doll clothes to find what they are looking for. Some want to sell and some want to buy, what ever the case we are here to help get the buyers, sellers and lookers together. This site allows us to work with others of similar interest.  If you are looking for a Singer featherweight or parts start here. We also except old singer featherweights, that are not wanted even if they have fallen apart. We will recondition them for sale or as a way to help research on breast cancer. Check out my Sheryl LynnPage if interested in donating your featherweight.


What is your singer serial number?   What is your model number?  Is your machine original?  Does your machine have original paint?  What condition is your singer featherweight in? What do you think your featherweight is worth? How much do you want for your machine?
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