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Singer Featherweight Pink Sewing Machines

Singer Featherweight Pink for Breast Cancer on sale with great history and a machine that has stood the test of time. 

Now powder coating singer featherweight sewing machines. What color you choose is up to you. Contact (402-699-4151) for prices and availability on time of completion.
Now on sale as of August 1st, 2023 are these new Pink Singer Featherweight 221 and 222 sewing machines. Listed on Singer 221 sales page. Call to purchase yours now or go eBay and purchase them. 

Here are the next singer featherweight Sewing machines dressed up in the pink paint we promised and right in time for you to make a purchase for the October Breast Cancer awareness month. I started back on this project after helping my daughter through some tough times. She is no longer here to help me and you support the awareness of this bad disease. I know she would want me to start this project again. So here I am fixing and getting ready these tough little singer featherweight sewing machines. Sewing is not a lost art, more and more people are getting back to the basics, Patching is fun and profitable on bluejeans. Quilting is a growing interest and sewing clubs are springing up in lots of small towns. Singer 221 Featherweights are very popular with all of these groups. We have some of the nicest Singer 221 Featherweights to choose from so go to our Singer 221 Featherweights Page and look around. We add new singer 221 featherweights nearly every week and sometimes every day.

Phone- 605-359-8939

We sell Singer 221 Featherweights, 221 sewing machines attachments and old parts. Who buys Singer 221 Featherweight sewing machines? Just type in google search( We buy featherweight parts and attachments on this site.  Singer Featherweight machines occasionally need a part, accessories or attachment for sewing jobs. Using certain attachments can require info on how to. We try to provide instruction manuals with these accessories. To Sell your Singer 221 contact: and make the title of your email Singer 221 so it does not go to spam mail.

Our main focus is to buy the singer featherweight sewing machine. Buying a 221 featherweight is about the quality of the machine you are trying to sell. Buying singer featherweights are also about what the machine is worth you are trying to sell.

To give you an idea of what your featherweight is worth I am making a special page to show what the Singer featherweight is worth starting with the nicer model that includes the 221 instruction manual, singer attachments, featherweight carrying case and any other accessories. In an descending list with fewer items with the machine and then the quality of the machine to show the price from higher to lower.

Sewing machine parts & attachments are a major part of the items for sale on this site. We are now selling the pink singer featherweight machine right here on the front page.  Sewing machine repair at times need parts. We also have all parts needed for most old black Singer machines including 201-2, 15-91, 99, 66 and lots of the old treadle models. Click the buy button to purchase a part or click on Categories at the bottom of this page it will get you to our parts, attachments and other items for sale faster. To sell your Singer Featherweight you can contact us via. email at;