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Singer 221 Featherweights Parts
Illustrated Parts Break Down & Numbers Singer Featherweight

Illustrated Parts Break Down & Numbers Singer Featherweight

If you want to look through all of my breakdown pictures each line red in color are links to parts matched by the description near that red link.

Parts Breakdown Copied from original Singer Co. Parts Doc.

Parts Breakdown Copied from original Singer Co. Parts Doc.

Behind Face Plate Parts Singer 221 home machineBehind the face plate are parts that sometimes break like the thread takeup arm or the presser bar lever.
Carrying Case Parts, Singer 221 Home MachineThis page has parts for the Singer Featherweight carrying case of home machine
Electric Lignt Parts Singer 221 Home MachineElectric Light parts for the 221 sewing machine, housing, bulbs, screws, socket & wiring are all a part of the lighting system. Singer featherwieght home machine
Foot Control Singer 221 Home MachineFoot control for singer 221, 222, 301 and other models, some call them foot controler for home machine
Light Switch Parts Singer 221 Home MachineLight Switch for the singer 221 is easy to replace and is very well known for going bad on home machines
Motor Parts Singer 221 Home MachineSinger Featherweight 221 motor has a case and lots of moving parts, To keep it running in top notch condition you will need to replace brushes at times for home machine
Motor Parts Singer Featherweight 221Singer 221 motor parts break down
Rotary Hook Assembly Singer 221 post 1935 Hone MachineRotary hook for singer 221 home machnine
Rotary Hook Assembly Parts, Early Singer Home Machine Pre 1935Rotaary Hook for Singer 221 Pre 1935, clean works well for home machine.
Singer 221 Throat Plate & Presser Foot Parts for Home MachineSinger Throat Plate Parts for Home Machine
Presser Foot & Tension Parts Singer 221 & 222 Home MachineThe presser foot, presser bar, tension and tension parts for the Singer 221 are found here with the help of the Singer 221 Parts search number for home machine.
Singer 221 Gears & Bushing Parts for Home MachineSinger 221 Gears & Bushings for home machines
Singer 221 Shafts & Faceplate Parts for Home MachineSinger Featherweight 221 Shafts & Faceplate for home machine
Singer 221 Stitch Regulator Parts for Home MachineSinger Featherweight 221 stitch regulator Parts for home machine
Singer Featherweight Parts for Home MachineSinger 221 parts for home machine
Parts for 221 & 222Singer 221 parts available for used and antique sewing machines and home machines
Singer 221Singer 221 Featherweights sewing machines we buy like the 221, 221-1, 221J, 221K, 222K and 301 machines.. Singer 221 Sales parts list. Singer Featherweights for breast cancer research
Pink Singer 221Breast Cancer and the Pink Singer Featherweight sewing machine called the Sheryl Lynn is my way of helping in the resarch and fight against breast cancer. They will be repainted pink and a portion of the sale of the sale going to the Susan G. Koman brest cancer fund in memory of my sister Sheryl Lynn Oshel. This is going to be a collector sewing machine and it will be numbered for authenticity. Breast cancer strikes one out of every seven women. This is my help in the research of breast cancer.

Singer Sewing Machines Online

If you’re looking for a top notch sewing machine then Singer may be the best way to go. With a long history including more than 150 years of producing top of the line sewing machines, Singer sewing machines come recommended by many professionals and people in the know as being one of the best sewing machines you can buy.

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Though some Singer outlets deal with used sewing machines in addition to factory new ones, you may have better luck finding a nice used Singer sewing machine online at one of the popular auction websites, such as Yahoo auctions or EBay.

The customer support section of the Singer website is nicely structured and quite full of useful information. You can read about commonly asked questions and answers, read specific sewing machine instructions for the machine you own, complete product registration forms for your machine and check on serial numbers of sewing machines manufactured

You can contact customer service via email at for any questions not answered on the site. You can also find out about warranty centers in the U.S. and Canada, to which you can bring your warranty issues and machines that need repair.