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Singer Parts for 221 and 222 Home Machine


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Singer Featherweight and Antique Parts

Singer Featherweight and Antique Parts

Singer featherweight 221 and 222 sewing machine parts you find on this page have been tested and found good. These are parts bought off e-bay and other sources, then tested to make sure they work properly. The price may be a little higher than e-bay but we guaranty all of the parts we sell and with no question return policy. If you are looking for something unusual we have the resources to help you find other antique parts that some time can be almost impossible to locate.

I have been working in the sewing machine business from the time I was about 4 years old and I have worked for Singer on several occasions. I have been repairing sewing machines for that long and I am in my 60's now. I have learned to make a sewing machine run smooth and sew a perfect stitch. I also collect the singer sewing machine and I know quality when I see it. If you need parts we are just starting to acquire them and will be getting more in all the time so check back as we grow this website.

Collecting the Singer featherweight is fun and there are some other wonderful sewing machines out there that command your attention when looking at them for a value increasing collection. Collectors like the small machines for moving and storage to shows and storage at home. When collecting the sewing machine it is always wise to collect the very best of the model but never pass up a chance to acquire a rare model in any condition. The price of the rare model will only increase in value and you can keep it until you can get the perfect model you are searching for.

The Singer sewing machine is also a wonderful sewing machine for the quilter. Quilters use these machines sometimes because they go from house to house in there clubs and sometimes because of the easy use of the 222 free arm machine. The free arm machine is able to sew around sleeves and pant legs. It is a nifty little machine that gets to be very pricey at times. If you are looking as a collector and are looking for the attic sewing machine that was used once and put in the attic never to be used again, that machine is going to cost you up around $2000.00 to $5000.00 USD. I have seen several bring over $3000.00 on auctions. They are worth every penny to the serious collector.

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