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Find Singer Featherweight Date


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Singer Featherweights   and   Other Singer Machines

Singer Featherweight Models

Singer Featherweight Models

Singer made different sewing machine models since the mid 1800 hundreds and Singer is a very popular company with sewing machine users. The quilting community uses Singer sewing machines, sewing teachers use singer machines, sewing machine collectors buy singer machines of different types and craft makers use singer sewing machines for their crafts.

The Singer featherweight sewing machines are the most popular of the singer sewing machines by far and they were first introduced in 1933. They enjoyed a run of about 35 + years. Making them the most popular sewing machine Singer ever made with numbers made reaching into the millions. The Singer featherweight had several models one of the most popular is the 221-1 and gaining in popularity are the rare colors like the tan model 221J or K and the white model 221K.  There are some war machine that are unique and very scarce. These models of the Singer featherweight were produced during war time and only in limited quanities. The 222 featherweight with the free arm has always been a collector item and that said, you can imagine that some models have brought over $2000 dollars on eBay.

If you want to have some fun, you might match up your featherweight with the letters that date your machine here on this page. The United States produced singer featherweights in Elizabeth, New Jersey. They were also made in several other countries. If you want an exact day your machine was made you need to find the serial number by turning the machine upside down and look on the bottom near the tail of the machine in the casting, sometimes hard to see and the number should read something like this ( AH927367 ) you can find this number at  be sure to add me to your favorites before you click the link or write my address down. Nothing can be easier than looking at a few letters and numbers to determine the date of your Singer featherweight .

If you want to judge the quality and selling prices on eBay go to my Quality Scale Page. It will tell you how to judge quality and what you need to include for the best price on eBay. Condition is important for the pricing your machine as machines are  bringing more on the market today in good shape.


There are parts on the little singer featherweight that have changed through out the years and it takes a good eye to spot some of those changes. The early model Singer 221 featherweight machines came in a wood box with black covering 1933 with a light teal blue inside covering. The machine itself changed every time there was a model change and that was often at first. The first Singer Featherweight machine had a flimsy tip up table on it and that was changed very quickly. Other changes came quickly with the machine gaining popularity with so many people. Its small size made it handy for packing from place to place. Women loved it and if easy to see why so many were sold and production was uped in the following few years, even with a sluggest ecomony in the early 1930's.
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