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Featherweight collector


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Featherweight Sewing Machines Collecting

Featherweight Sewing Machines Collecting

Singer fertherweight 221 or 222 sewing machines and toy sewing machines are very collectable today and the people that collect them have a great love for them. Only starting a few years ago they are growing in numbers every day. The featherweights actually started before 1933 when the Singer company started making a small sewing machine. It only started being called a featherweight at a point when the numbers of buyers grew and the uses of the small machines grew. Sewing clubs, schools, crafts, quilters and collectors helped name the 221 featherweight. This new featherweight collecting idea has gained fire since the early 1980's and there are huge dollars being spent on toy and featherweight sewing machines collections today.

The Sewing Machine and Me

As I look back the sewing machine has been a big part of my life. Starting at about the age of 3 or 4 I was given a sewing machine to play with as a toy. I would tear them all apart and reassemble them again to the point of a wonderful operating machine. I have repaired them as a young man working through high school and then working for a Singer company in Montacello ID. on commission. My father always said sewing machines were something that I grew up with and would be apart of my life. Looking back I can see he has always been right.

I have a collection of sewing machines and I have began to work on that collection. I will buy great machines and sell the ones that are good. Along the way I will accumulate several great sewing machines of the same model that I will sell at a premium. The Great machine in my opinion is the very best sewing machine that you can buy that meets the standards you have set for your collections and I have set some very high standards for my collection.

With that in mind if you are in the market for a great sewing machine and I have one in my possession I will be willing to part with it at a fair price to you and myself. I will be dealing in Singer featherweight 221 and 222 for the most part and some toy machines that strike my fancy.

I started collecting a short while ago although I started working with sewing machines as a youngster. I think that is where my love for the little singer featheweight comes from. A friend of mine has been collecting since she was a young woman. Her mother started her sewing young and she has never quit. She has a nice collection of toy and Singer Featherweight machines.

We have several collectible machines on this website listed under products. They will be listed on this page at a later date. We are gaining in our own collection and replace one singer featherweight machine with another one of better quality. Then we sell the other machine and start looking for another little singer featherweight for our collection.


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