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Mini Classic Collection


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Mini Classic

Mini Classic

The Mini Classic sewing machine is a look alike to the singer 221 and it is made in china. There were not that many made and it is a great little machine to set beside the Singer featherweight 221 to show the differences. It's nice to show how much better the Singer Featherweight 221 sews. We are selling this great collector's item on ebay this week and if it does not sell it will go up for sale on this site for $250.00. It sews fine althought it will not ever replace the Singer Featherweight 221.

Date: Tue, 10 Oct 1995 20:43:13 -0400
Subject: FW

About some of the FW copies of recent years.  Back in the mid 1980's
some shops were selling a copy dated 1987 for $299 called Mal's Mini Classic.
 They were warehoused in Los Angeles at 6316 W. Third St. and the shop owner
claimed to me that this company had purchased the original dies from Singer.
 The machine certainly looked like the original FWS but was of very inferior
quality material, the light was mounted on the motor, the front decal said
"Mini Classic", and it had a 1/16 HP motor.

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