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Saving One Little Featherweight At A Time

Sewing Machine Repair As A Home Business Or For Your Self.

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Singer Featherweight Sales and Repair



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Singer Featherweight Assembly

Singer Featherweight Assembly


If you have a Singer Featherweight you wish to have repaired contact.  We repair and recondition featherweights according to what you want. Repair takes about 2 days and you can have your machine back in about 8 days from the day you take it to the post office and ship it to us. We ship priority mail only and add that cost to repair. Our suggestion is that you have your machine reconditioned so it looks and runs like a new one. Recondition costs are $99.00 plus parts. Reconditon means take machine apart to include all areas except main body and gears, clean, adjust tensions, lube gears, oil all moving parts, polish visible surfaces, grease motor, and  replace all bad parts. Parts are an added charge. I have experience from the past 50 years as seen on the bottom of my Sheryl Lynn Page. We are well known from eBay auctions under the eBay name of "flyinbob35". We buy and sell on eBay and have great feedback from people who have bought from us. If you read further down this page you will see how I take a featherweight purchased from eBay that has been stripped completely down and recondition it to near new factory condition. If you click on the CHOOSE TAB above you will see how each part goes back together to make a reconditioned machine.

Featherweight Singer Bare Head

Featherweight Singer Bare Head

This is a stripped down head with all of the parts missing. This Singer Featherweight was purchased in this condition off of Ebay and the number of the auction was 260014248402. This is a very beautiful little Singer featherweight sewing machine that is bright, shinny and clean. The cost of the featherweight stripped was $63.00 dollars and the shipping of the featherweight was $14.75 bringing it to a total of $77.75. Why would anyone want to take apart this gorgeous little featherweight. This little featherweight is well worth putting back together and bringing it back to almost factory fresh condition. Some parts are even off this same machine and other parts are all original parts from a singer featherweight 221 from the years of this machine. To see complete assembly above the first picture click on the word choose and follow the assembly through all stages.
This is a great little featherweight and I just can't see these little machines going to the junk pile, so I am here to put them back together. This is a list of part that is will take to put it back together and make it almost like new again.
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