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Singer Featherweight Accessories


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This week on ebay we are selling a stitch throat plate. Made for a singer featherweight  CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW

Singer Featherweight Accessories were originally sold in Singer sewing machine stores. This is set of accessories has been sold in a case as a set for collectors and quilters. We have new sets listed on our ebay auctions frequently. These accessories are stored in a carrying case and made as lovely fashion aids for the sewing community. Most of the accessories in this box are standard for one of these small Singer Accessories cases. A list of these accessories can be found on this page or other pages you can access from this site. When it comes to making sewing easy for the seamstress Singer has always been on top with cutting edge Singer Featherweight Accessories.
Singer Featherweight Accessories in carrying case with all of the instruction books and extra attachments normally needed in sewing.
This is the right side of the accessories with a closer view.
Singer Featherweight Accessories left side of picture.
Singer Carrying Case for accessories makes a great way to get all of your major attachments to and from where you are going.

Singer has been the most trusted name in sewing, with over 150 years of serving the customer. The Singer Featherweight sewing machine has stood the test of time with a record of 75 years of sewing and pleasing the seamstress. The Singer accessories has made the seamstress's life better in so many ways. One was to make a case to carry a group of frequently used Attachments together in one carrying case for the ability travel with your sewing group. There are about eight different attachments or accessories that can be carried in one of these cases. The case is constructed of wood wrapped in fabric to inhance the appearance. It has a handle that has not always weathered the strom and some times falling completely off. As you can see it is a convenient way to move your Singer Featherweight Accessories.

Singer Fearherweight PinkerThe Pinker attachment is used in the cutting of cloth on the Singer Featherweight by Singer Sewing culbs and other seamstresses.
Singer HemstitcherA Hemstischer is used in making clothing on the singer featherweight by the home maker and professional alike.
Singer Adjustable Zig ZaggerThe Singer Adjustable Zig Zagger Attachment will allow a singer straight stitch sewing macnine to sew a Zig Zag Stitch.
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