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Sewing Machine Care


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Featherweight Tips

Featherweight Tips

Sewing Machines: Some Useful Tips

Read Your Manual

Buy instruction manuals and repair manuals at . New or used a sewing machine instruction manual is vital. One of the easiest ways to get the most out of your sewing machine as well as avoid common problems is to read the sewing machine manual whenever you get a new machine. Keep your sewing machine manual handy for reference. Practice new stitches and techniques. Carefully read and follow the instructions in the section on care and maintenance.

Cleaning and Care

Never put oil on your machine, put oil in your machine and on working parts. If you put oil on your machine after time it will soften the paint or cause crazing. Oil machine frequently on all moving parts and grease the gears lightly. Wipe off with a clean cloth and then use a lite wax as maybe a lite car wax. It keeps your loving little featherweight shiny, beautiful and you will always be proud of your machine.

Choosing a Dealership

Singer Featherweight sewing machines bought for our website will be in top shape and ready to sew. We stand behind everythng we sell. A good dealer will teach you how the machine works and be there to service the machine when you have problems. Shop around and find a reputable dealer to help you choose the right machine for your needs. Find out if the retailer can get parts and accessories for your machine that you may need in the future.

Oil Your Machine

Nearly all sewing machines need to be oiled and greased from time to time. This should be done after every eight or so hours of sewing time. Only use oil specifically manufactured for sewing machines. Check your machine manual or with your sewing machine dealer for instructions on how to oil  and grease your particular sewing machine.

Sewing Machine Height

If your machine sets on top of a table, the table height needs to be lower than if you have a sewing machine cabinet with a recessed area that the machine sets in. The bed of your machine should be 25-29 inches high. The depth of the sewing table should be at least 20 inches.

Quality Thread

Using good quality thread is better for your sewing machine functioning. Inexpensive thread tends to fray and produce more lint that ends up inside the sewing machine.

Annual Servicing

Even if you sew very little, you should have it serviced at least once every two years because the oil dries out and gets gummy. Though most manufacturers suggest having only trained technicians service the inside portions of sewing machines, as long as you’re careful there really isn’t any reason why you can’t clean these areas yourself.

Used Machines

If you are a quilter and use a Singer Featherweight sewing machine, you will be buying a used machine. The Singer featherweight machine is one of the most durable sewing machines you can buy. If kept in good shape they have lasted for a half century. Used machines can also be a good option if you are on a limited budget. Many sewing machine dealers take trade-ins and have a selection of used machines. EBay is a great source for used machines but it is buyer be ware. When purchasing a used machine, make sure it has been serviced and tested by a qualified technician. Also, be sure that your used machine comes with an instruction manual.
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