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This Singer Featherweight 221-1 was made in 1934 and I would rate it as a 9 if you use the scale of Graham Forsyke who has become one of the well known guides for rating the singer featherweights. It would be considered a 9.4 by Graham Forsdike's scale. There are not many Singer Featherweights around with a serial number or AD that will make this grade. It is a black beauty and it is for sale on this website if you go to my Singer Featherweight Product Page.

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10 Being Best and 1 Being PoorestJust because a machine has a great ad listing doesn't mean it is a great buy. When you are ready to buy a featherweight you need to consider the quality and several other items about your purchase. It is wise to look at what others consider are important items when placing value on their purchases. I am putting together a list of the quality and Items I feel are necessary to qualify a machine to bring the amount you are willing to pay for them. Not everyone needs a featherweight that is perfect in every way. Students may want a machine that sews good but may not need the perfect featherweight. On the other hand a collector is interested in the perfect machine with all of the bells and whistles or what I would consider a quality of 10.0. This page is being published to help everyone make the best consideration when buying. I am including the prices of what I feel are fair prices to pay for the quality you are looking for considering the use you are planning for the featherweight. I have been working on sewing machines and or selling sewing machines since I was five years old working with my father in the summer. If you feel like reading a little more about me you can click of the page Sheryl Lynn and towards the bottom I have a small paragraph.
Singer Featherweight Qualty by Graham Forsdyke

Singer Featherweight Qualty by Graham Forsdyke

Singer Featherweight 221-1If you want to use a chart that many consider to be a valid refference for the condition of a featherweight, you can use the one that Graham Forsdyke has used for a number of years. Singer Featherweight Condition Chart "Graham Forsdyke" Twenty years ago, totally frustrated with inaccurate and misleading descriptions of machine condition, I devised the Condition Chart for the International Sewing Machine Collectors' Society. It was quickly picked up by enthusiasts all over the world and is now the universally accepted way of describing a machine. No more "pristine", "mint", "like new", etc, but a method of honestly assessing a machine. I commend its use to all This scale takes no notice of mechanical condition. If something is broken or missing this should be stated, not hidden behind a number. All Featherweights that I offer will fall in the top four categories but I include the full list for general interest - No copyright is claimed for this list. It may be freely copied, reposted or distributed in its original form After the wonderful job Graham Forsdyke has done it might be useless to try to do anything further to class or grade the Singer Featherweight, but after working with eBay for a few years I realized that condition maybe one of the determining factors in buying a machine, there are other factors that way heavy on the sale or purchase of a Singer Featherweight on eBay. On the right of this page I try to help you if you are selling or trying to purchase a Singer Featherweight off of eBay. Give it some thought before your sale of purchase off of eBay. With the comments that Gram Forsdyke said in his above comments I will say we at this site only handle 3 sewing machines in his chart of condition of the Singer Featherweight.

10 Just like the day it left the factory. Not a scratch or mark upon it. I think I have ever seen only two machines in this category.

9 As 10 but with the small, odd scratch or wear mark evident to very close inspection.

8 Very good used condition. All paint good; all metalwork bright. What the average antique dealer would call "perfect".

7 Good condition but rubbing of paint evident and/or some nickel plating worn.

6 As in 7 but more wear to paint and/or some light surface rust to the bright work.

5 The average, hard-used, ill-cared-for machine looking for someone to love it.

4 Poor condition, chipped enamel, rusty metalwork but acceptable for a collection if a rare machine.

3 In need of restoration but a reasonable job for a dedicated enthusiast.

2 Total restoration needed to paintwork and bright metal. It's a brave collector that takes it on.

1 Spare parts only and these would be in need of extensive restoration


The first Singer 221 was made in October 3, 1933 and they were such special machine at that time that the first production was allotted 10,000. Like any collector item they have been distroyed, taken apart and just put in the garbage. It is getting harder and harder to find good little Singer 221 sewing machines. This 221-1 is special in the fact that it is a survivor and has stayed in good shape for years. It sews perfect and it will quilt with the best of them. It is smooth running with all of the attachments and books that come with a singer 221-1. This is being sold on Ebay on October 1 2006 for $404.00. You can click here to see this beautiful featherweight. the listing was not praticularly good and this machine I would consider it as a 9.8 when selling on eBay and should have brought more money with a better ad listing.
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